Job Description

Job Title Attendant
Type of Position Full Time
Department Housekeeping
Position Description
  • Clean all guest suites daily, including all checkout / occupied suites by category priority
  • Transport cart with cleaning supplies, amenities and linens to assigned guest suites and position securely.
  • Strip and make up the bed
  • Vacuum carpet in guest suites. Dust and polish all furniture. Empty trash containers and ashtrays
  • Remove soil, dirt, soap build-up and hair from bathroom mirrors, vanity, sink, toilet, shower walls, bathtub, shower curtain and floor
  • Replace facial, toilet tissue and bathroom amenities in correct amount and location
  • Inspect condition of amenities in desk, drawers and guest service directory; replace designated amounts at proper locations within the suite
  • Receive, deliver guest laundry if be assigned as laundry runner
  • Receive, deliver clean linen to guest floor pantry and deliver solid line to loading dock if be assigned as linen runner
  • Receive, deliver guest amenities to floor pantry if be assigned as store man
  • Collect waste from guest floors if be assigned as waste management team
  • Serve guests and follow up on all guest requests
  • Check all lights and appliances in each suite to ensure that they are operating correctly
  • Report to the Supervisor, Housekeeping any repairs and maintenance required in the suite
  • Report any security irregularities to the Supervisor
  • Turn over any lost and found items from guest suites to Housekeeping Office
  • Complete floor status sheets and report to the Supervisor, Housekeeping regarding any discrepancies on suite status
  • Anticipate guest needs, respond promptly and acknowledge all guests, maintain positive guest relations and ensure guest satisfaction at all times
Position Requirements
  • Minimum Primary School graduate; Secondary School graduate preferred
  • 1-2 years of working experience in a related area
  • Basic Cantonese, Mandarin and English skills preferred
  • Be able to get along with fellow Team Members and work as a team
  • Be willing to work any day and any shift
  • Meet the attendance guidelines of the job and adhere to departmental and company policies
  • Have a pleasant and well-groomed appearance
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